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for Kickstop's unique, award winning reinforcer and anti-jemmy products to resist 'kick-in' type burglaries and the forced entry of doors.

Kickstops can be purchased from Locksmiths, Ironmongers, Builders Merchants, and online suppliers.

Approved 'trade' Locksmith, Merchant, Architectural Ironmonger or other security product retailer customers can place their orders online, by telephone or by fax.




Home Office statistics show that 71% of burglars target the doors of a property, usually by forcing a lock.

Until they've experienced a 'kick-in' burglary, most people aren't aware that chiselling and removing wood to fit locks will unavoidably result in much weakened door security.

Because fitting most door locks involves removing wood, the weakened door or frame will split open around the locks and hinges during a forced attack or 'kick-in' burglary - unless extra measures are taken to strengthen the door by also fitting Frame Guard, Lock Guard, Hinge Guard, Staple Guard and Door Guard security devices.



Kickstops do not require locking, bolting or activating and therefore cannot be forgotten.  They provide greatly enhanced physical strength and security constantly - each time the door is closed and locked.

Kickstop secondary door security products are not additional locking devices and are designed to reinforce and strengthen the door and the door frame around the existing locks and hinges.

Because of this the Metropolitan Police and every other British police authority recommends fitting reinforcer products including a London bar, Birmingham bar, a lockguard kit, frameguard and hinge guard as well as taking precautions against weak or glazed door panels.

For several years now, Target Hardening programmes throughout Britain have used Kickstops - to great effect.



  • Kickstop London Bar - Kickstop Birmingham Bar
  • Kickstop LockGuard (DeadlockGuard - SashlockGuard)
  • Kickstop FrameGuard - Kickstop HingeGuard - Kickstop StapleGuard


  • Kickstop DoorGuard Bar - Kickstop DoorGuard Grille


  • Kickstop Anti-Thrust Plate - Kickstop Anti-ThrustGuard


  • Dorgard Acoustic Fire Door Retainer - Battery Operated Hold Open Device
  • Shuttle Acoustic Fire Door Retainer - Battery Operated Hold Open Device
  • Agrippa Acoustic Fire Door Holder - Battery Operated Hold Open Device

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Kickstop London Bar - Standard Staple - 2606 WH - White

Shuttle S01 - Premium LCD Acoustic Fire Door Retainer

Kickstop DeadlockGuard - 9601UK

Kickstop London Bar - Standard Staple - 9606

Kickstop DeadlockGuard - 2000EU

Kickstop FrameGuard - 9602

Kickstop Anti-Thrust Plate - AT1UK

Kickstop Birmingham Bar - 9614

Floor Plate Kit for Dorgard & Shuttle

Kickstop DeadlockGuard - 9600UK


Kickstop DeadlockGuard - 9600EU

Kickstop SashlockGuard - 9619

Kickstop Anti-Thrust Plate - AT3EU

Kickstop StapleGuard - Standard Staple - 9603

Kickstop Anti-Thrust Plate - AT2

Kickstop London Bar - Universal Staple - 2009 WH - White

Kickstop DoorGuard Grille - DG2 WH - White

Dorgard SmartSound Acoustic Fire Door Retainer