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Kickstop SashlockGuard 

The SashlockGuard, as the name implies, is a high security steel plate LockGuard kit to reinforce and strengthen the door around a mortice sashlock.  A door would have been weakened by the necessary chiselling and morticing during the fitting of a sashlock.  The Kickstop Universal keyway plates are bolted together, through the door and around the lock, to help prevent the door splitting during a 'kick-in' burglary.


The plates are supplied with four security bolts and fitting instructions.

Kickstop SashlockGuard - 9619

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A Universal keyway - steel Lock Guard for Mortice Sashlock

75mm wide

For UK Keyway, EURO and OVAL Profile Cylinder

To Reinforce and Strengthen Wooden Door

Backset: 27mm minimum - 47mm maximum

Centres: 30mm minimum - 92mm maximum


9619 plate dimensions - 240mm long x 75mm wide x 3mm thick

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