Kickstop LockGuard


Kickstop LockGuard 


  • A LockGuard is used to reinforce and strengthen a wooden door around a traditional UK lever, euro profile or oval profile cylinder mortice lock.
  • Fitting a mortice lock involves removing wood and this leaves a very weakened area around the lock.  The Door Reinforcer plates are bolted together through the door and so clamp the door and lock together.
  • This provides much needed additional strength to resist a 'kick-in' attack and and help avoid forced entry and burglary.
  • Part of the the LockGuard is visible from outside and this provides an excellent visual deterrent - to dissuade the would be attacker.

 The Kickstop Lockguards

The DeadlockGuard is for use with a mortice deadlock

The SashlockGuard is for use with a mortice sashlock